Beyond the black front door …

by Joyce on June 29, 2012

I’m fascinated by front doors. Not the ones I see in Toronto – they’re really not too exciting. No, what I love to see is how people around the world dress their doors and what it says about them and their culture. I like to imagine who lives there and what lies beyond their front door.

If you haven’t already checked out pinterest, I warn you it’s addictive. I recently started following  Maryann Rizzo, an American designer who has a knack for finding fabulous images. Here are a few of the doors she’s uncovered. Which one do you identify with?


A 17th century palace in Nepal.

Love the patina and detailed carvings.




These colours really work in Mexico.

I wonder where this regal door leads…

Love the whimsical happy feel of these indigo blue doors.

Moroccan mystic.

Colours blended like a work of art.

 Handcrafted perfection.

 Incredible colours.


 You can feel the pride of workmanship in this creation.

Next time you’re travelling, pay attention to the doors around you. They reveal so much. If you’d like to follow Maryann Rizzo on Pinterest you can find her here. Have a great weekend. Happy Canada Day!

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